Hi! Welcome to Madrid!

Sorry for not translating the whole web page but my main public is in spanish.  I'm a bilingual therapist (spanish-english) who combines different technics to help restore health.  I do Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupunture, moxa, energetic massage, qi gong...), Craniosacral therapy (from Upledger Institute), and Homeopathy (Bach flower remedies, Hanneman and Spagyria). I also teach Qi Gong regularly.  If you need a therapist or Qi Gong classes you can call me and I'll be happy to answer any question you have.

Phone: +34 649691962     email: info@laurasvflys.com

Location: metro station 'Puerta del angel'

90 min. session *
Price: 60€

60 min. session
Price: 50€

30 min. session
Price: 30€

*First visit will always be a 90 min session in order to have a proper clinic history.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Madrid!!!! Have a nice trip if you're travelling!!

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